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Wellness Services

Does your employee wellness program need a boost?


Leading wellness service provider

Checkpoint Health provides the highest quality health information through innovative and motivating wellness programs. Whether your goal is to quit smoking, lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle, we will guide you through the process.


Maintaining healthy body weight

Weight management refers to skills that promote healthy eating and daily physical activity. Checkpoint health has the ability of not only weight loss or weight gain but gives the guidelines of maintaining healthy body weight over time. Weight management programs are facilitated by sports physicians, wellness doctors, biokineticist, dieticians and chefs.


Physical and mental well-being in the workplace

Checkpoint health offers a comprehensive range of occupational health services as an occupational health centre to keep your employees health and working safely. Our Occupational Medical Physicians emphasize a back-to-work mentality as they treat your employees. They also work directly with you to provide clear answers about the health of your employees using a number of detailed Management Reports.


Understand, quantify, and manage risk

It is generally believed that up to 30% of claims being paid by medical aid funders can be avoided. These are mostly generated through claims fraud and abuse by both members and service providers, some of them unknowingly. Funders are facing escalating claims costs and at times it’s not very clear what causes these increases. Checkpoint Health has the expertise to examine these trends and through use of data mining tools is able to analyse data from systems into meaningful models for decision making by management.